About KHN

KHN’s core beliefs are as follows:

  • KHN is a secular group. We welcome all homeschooled members without consideration of their religious beliefs.
  • KHN’s classes and activities are focused on children over 5 and their parents. We welcome families that include children under 5, so long as they have other homeschooled children who are over 5. We do not offer structured activities for children under 5.
  • KHN invites members to participate in co-ops, field trips, parties, paid classes and parent-led clubs. In return, KHN expects members to pay an annual membership fee, participate in after-activity clean up, lead and assist with activities, attend parent meetings and, if able, plan field trips and run parent-led classes or clubs.
  • KHN maintains a structure to foster academic and social interaction. It is not a playgroup, nor is it a drop-off situation. A parent or guardian must be in the building and monitoring their children at all times. (And our moms have forged friendships as strong as their children’s!) 
  • KHN fosters an environment of support and collegial effort among the adults. We are a community and parents should feel free to share an idea and pitch in when help is needed.

While all KHN’s classes, clubs and co-ops are valuable, our core is the Enrichment Co-Op. This Co-Op runs every other Thursday from 12:30pm – 2:00pm and is our best opportunity to get to know all members and children and develop rich, lasting friendships.

By joining the co-op, you are volunteering to take your turn leading activities (of your choice) along with the other moms. Children are divided by age group to participate in three 30-minute, mom-run activity sessions during the 12:30pm – 2:00pm time. Requirements vary depending on how many children we have each year, but moms can generally expect to lead 3-5 30-minute activities and assist with 3-5 (led by another mom) each school year.

KHN functions as a not-for-profit Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), with its leadership comprised of a Board of Directors (the Board).